Meet the Staff

Administrator – Brenda Green

Brenda is excited to be leading up the team at New Life Assisted Living Center. She has spent her prior working years providing a variety of human services to the community, including operating her own in-home daycare and providing housing assistance to families throughout Lansing. Due to her value in strong family connection, she has opened New Life Assisted Living Center with her own family to best be able to care for you and yours.

Additional New Life Assisted Living Center Staff and Caregivers:

New Life Assisted Living Center’s expansion increases our need to constantly vet new staff. When we locate caregivers with a passion for serving older adults while treating residents with dignity we know they will be a welcome asset to our family. Each team member is encouraged to treat every resident as unique, and to provide a warm and nurturing presence.

Our welcoming staff listens to the families who come through our doors, and genuinely address any expressed concerns. On any given day, staff will be found connecting with residents over a board game, or cup of tea. Gaining knowledge from the older adults years of experience and hearing about the life experiences increases residents sense of self worth. Meanwhile making each day a rewarding experience for the caregivers too.

Along with CNA’s, caregivers, New Life Assisted Living Centers welcome visiting doctors, visiting podiatrists, hair stylist, massage therapist and musicians to entertain residents. The entertainment and massage therapy is available at no additional expense to families.